Surprise, surprise! Wishlist and osCommerce

By | November 30, 2008

I really love getting stuff through the post that I have not ordered, I bet you do too! So, here is what I propose to all my readers and anyone else who uses osCommerce;

You purchase something from my Amazon Wishlist, and I will give you TRIPLE credit against any of my osCommerce eBooks (from £%, about $10). I will also give DOUBLE credit on my osCommerce Makeover service or my Discount Coupon Installation cost (usually £25, about $50). Or any combination of the above.

Example: Coupon Install + Makeover + STS eBook. Normal cost would be about £140, about $280. By purchasing from my Wishlist, you can get this for about £65 ($130)! As you can see that is a substantial saving!

My wishlist has items on it from just £2 (about $4), upto some very expensive stuff. If you are interested in saving yourself some money on my products/services and sending me a surprise, email me and I will let you know where my wishlist is located.


3 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise! Wishlist and osCommerce

  1. Nikolaj

    Just a request for future versions.

    The posibility to let the customer buy things in the shop and only use the gift voucher as payment. As it is right now, the customer has to choose a payment method, even when the gift cards value is higher than the items he bought. If he doesn’t, a box will popup, telling him to choose a payment method. The reaction from the customer is negative and he calls and with his complains.

  2. Gary Post author

    Thanks Linds – it’s open to those people who need me to do something for them as a different payment method basically.

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