Template Monster and osCommerce

By | January 1, 2009

Loads of people buy Template Monster templates, because they look good. But it’s difficult to get support for them as the codebase is hacked beyond belief by the people who TM use to integrate the good looking templates into osCommerce. On the official osCommerce forum, you MIGHT get help, but usually not.

My idea is to set up as a reseller of Template Monster, but my Unique Selling Point will be to also offer upto 1 hour of support time for every purchase. This way, buyers can end up with a decent template, and a small amount of support to get them started. Good idea, or not?

I’m not sure if there are presently ANY osCommerce experts who sell Template Monster designs – do you know of any?

Anyway, if the idea has “legs”, then what I would do is set up a quick TM store and a helpdesk, then ask you all to help promote the service 😉

5 thoughts on “Template Monster and osCommerce

  1. Gary Post author

    Jared – it’s difficult to know which are not so bad as others…without actually buying them all and then seeing them – which is of course, impossible to do (expensive and time-wise).

    Of course, as time goes by, and support is given for templates, it will then be easier to know which are “bad” and which are “good”…

  2. Dennis van de Graaf

    I would certainly use this service. I ran into some problems with my own template monster Oscommerce template and had to figure out myself what the problem was (the helpdesk of TM didn’t have a clue on how to correct the error).

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