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By | January 8, 2010

I wanted to make a little experiment to show the possibility of using a small piece of javascript to show the textual input in an osCommerce product_info.php page. Anyone using osCommerce will know that text inputs is not possible in standard osC 2.2 releases, though it will be a standard feature of v3.

As I’m running 2.2 for this project, I had to install “option types v2”, which did not take very long at all.

I then set up a “slogan” text input attribute and applied it to a product. All easy.

My idea was to somehow have the text appear as the person typed in the slogan – I thought it would be a fun project to code and be useful to future clients.

Here’s the video of it in action… http://vimeo.com/8619844

The letters that appear are actually images, and the whole thing is controlled by a few lines of jquery javascript. I think it looks pretty nice. One possibility for this is for Tshirt sellers to enable buyers to write slogans. Instead of having the letters below (like I have in the video) it would be just as simple to overlay them onto an image of a tshirt.

Another possibility is for engraving of trophies or medals. I suppose really anywhere where a name is required to make the product!

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  1. Gary Post author

    Been working on an update to this – it now supports Uppercase and Lowrcase as well as other characters such as £$% etc

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