They are at it again…osQuantum

By | April 5, 2010

So, over at the osQuantum forum, they’ve obviously decided that simply linking to github is not allowed. Even when the link shows how and why to correct a known bug/security issue in osCommerce.

Considering that the osQuantum is now dead with regards to their own release, it is being used by a handful of people to get help with osCommerce – quite why they won’t/don’t use the official osCommerce forum is anyones guess.

Anyway, if links to github cannot be posted at osQuantum, then how are these few people receiving proper help? It’s quite sad, really 🙁

3 thoughts on “They are at it again…osQuantum

  1. Gary Post author

    And, as if by magic, “tomh” references github. It would seem therefore that only other users may not reference github, but it is OK for the osQuantum team to do so. Oh well, at least the user got a useful answer!

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