Time to update my own osCommerce site

By | April 24, 2010

Mainly, my experience with osCommerce comes from helping other shop owners to realise their dreams of running a successful shop. That could be anything from coding up a bespoke shipping module, to supplying a complete osCommerce shop with a bespoke design.

Another part of my business involves selling templates for osCommerce. I was one of the first template providers (I started selling these even before Template Monster) and have not really done any work on my own site for many years. What this means is that the site is a bit stale and the available templates are also now quite outdated. I sell these templates via an osCommerce shop.

So, my intention over the next couple of weeks is to update my osCommerce site to the latest rc3 with a bunch of my own contributions installed. Because I am so busy I need to fit this in around my clients, otherwise I would just spend a couple days coming up with a design and then integrate it.

Once my new design is completed and integrated, I’ll then start to refresh the templates I offer. What I shall probably do is just stop selling all of the templates I presently offer, and come up with one new design each week.

I’m also going to start selling scripts and other osCommerce related services – such as installation, hosting and management services.

Should be an interesting time. For anyone interested here is how my present osCommerce site looks;

As I said it’s now a bit dated, and definitely needs an upgrade! Only problem is that I am more of a coder than a designer, so my idea for the new site is to keep it fairly simple and geometric rather than too graphicy. We’ll see how it works out.

3 thoughts on “Time to update my own osCommerce site

  1. Gary Post author

    Started work on this, hopefully to complete by the end of next week.

  2. Gary Post author

    Dave, I’m just starting to make a new shop so will post a link when it’s viewable. Cheers.

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