Top 100 osCommerce Sites Update

By | March 23, 2008

2 more sites added by readers today;

These two are different to normal osCommerce, so of course, they get added – take a look then vote them at the Top 100 list!

I don’t know why but someone also added a few osCommerce sites that are pretty much out of the box – standard osCommerce – I didn’t set them live, sorry – the point of the list is to showcase shops that are exceptional, different, unique. Someone also added a Paypal Shop – d’oh.

The Top 5 as at 10am Easter Sunday;

Can any shop knock TexereSilk off it’s perch?  Assault Shirts has been in the Top 5 since Day 1 of this list…

Does YOUR osCommerce site have what it takes to get on this list?  These are the TOP 1% of all osCommerce sites out there, so your site needs something VERY special!  Submit it at the Top 100 List.

5 thoughts on “Top 100 osCommerce Sites Update

  1. Luca

    Gardins Animes has hidden text… against google rules.

  2. Gary Post author

    Do you care about Google so much that they can tell you what you can and cannot do with your own webpages? I know I don’t!

    Hidden text is a good thing when used correctly – it’s a “bad” thing when not used correctly!

  3. Ron

    OK. what is hidden text???
    I am new to this and am wondering what it is used for and how to do it…


    Also on the subject of the Hot 100 osCommerce shops..
    as being new to this it would help to point out why they are on the list so us
    newbes will know what to look for…
    just an idea…

  4. Gary Post author

    Ron – hidden text is text that is the same colour as the background that it is on. Or text that is contained within a “hidden” part of your website that normal viewers cannot see but search engine spiders can. It’s a bad thing in MOST circumstances and you don’t want to do it.

    The Top 100 is a list of the better osCommerce stores out there – most of them don’t look like standard osCommerce “out of the box”.

  5. Giovanni Sanna

    Great website! Never guessed so much information would be available about osCommerce websites. And very inspiring to see what some colleagues came up with ;-).


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