Ultra flexible shipping module

By | August 13, 2013

Had a request from a long time client who needed a new shipping module where he could;

1. Set up a number of zones (in each zone is a group of countries)

2. For each zone have 5 input boxes;
a. First X Kgs
b. The cost for first X kgs
c. Next Y Kgs
d. The cost for the next Y kgs
e. Handling cost

So, the shop-owner can now say (remember all in 1 module);

For US and Canada charge:

5 for any weight up to 3kgs
+ 1.40 for every extra 1kg or part thereof
+ 4.00 handling charge

For UK charge:

10 for any weight up to 2kgs
+ 2.00 for every extra 1.3kgs or part thereof
+ 0.00 handling charge

For Australia charge:

0 for any weight up to 2kgs
+ 0.00 for every extra 2kgs or part thereof
+ 15.00 handling charge

Taking a order weight of a total of 6kgs, these would result in quotes of;

US: 5 + (3*1.40) + 4 = 13.20
UK: 10 + (3/1.3 * 2) + 0 = 16
AU: 0 + (0 * 2) + 15 = 15

As you can easily see, the system is quite flexible allowing a mix of systems from a flat fee (the AUS example) to more complicated structure such as can be see in the USA example.

All in all, a nice little modification that should help the shop owner to offer a more competitive shipping fee structure, leading to less dropout of buyers.

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