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By | February 14, 2012

osCommerce comes with a built in currencies updater which is operated manually and gets rates from “oanda” and “xe” – both of which are well known currency converter sites. In addition, it is possible to manually update the currency rates one by one.

For some sites, it is desirable to update prices 10 times or more each day, and to do this manually is a chore, especially if the shopowner has multiple currencies. For example a site selling gold. The price of gold fluctuates wildly day by day, even hour by hour!

I was approached by a client who wanted a CSV input box which would allow them to update all their currencies in one go. So, they would input something like:


Then press “update”, and all of the currencies are updated in one go. This saves a massive amount of time daily.

The end result:

And Video:

One thought on “Update all currencies by CSV

  1. Eddy

    Also the connection to oanda or xe currency converter site doesn’t seem to always work (at least not from my country). There are far more reliable sources where we can grab the exchange rates and dump them into osC shop using this convenient little tool.

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