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By | November 3, 2009

I found some time yesterday to update the osCommerce Hot 100 list. It’s surprising how many Shop Owners let their domains lapse, or just give up entirely. I found one shop had the “whos_online” error showing for over 3 months, which was a bit sad as this was a shop that was using one of my coolest templates.

Anyway, I cut the list down from about 135 to 92 – so there were over 40 stores that were broken, disappeared, not using osCommerce anymore, pretty much standard osCommerce or vote rigging (yes, this does happen, how sad!).

So, as of right now, 1pm on 3rd November 2009, here are the Top 5 HOTTEST osCommerce Stores as voted by you;

1. Lojamac
2. Swedish Hasbeens (one of my personal favourites)
3. Teknosit
4. The Wedding Printer
5. Crazy Bbaby Clothing

Nice work, you 5!

Adding sites to the list

If you know of any outstanding osCommerce sites, please do add them! It takes only a few seconds. All I ask is that any sites added are NOT templates, are NOT standard osCommerce, and do have something special about them (be that the look, or some cool coding or whatever).

Getting your own list for your site

Have you ever thought about adding a list to your own site? It’s a great way to get traffic and repeat visitors – think about it.

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