Shipping to US States, tiered + handling

By | May 23, 2008

A user on the osCommerce Forum required a way to charge $x for 1 item, $y for any other items and $z as a handling charge for Hawaii and Alaska. With a bit of lateral thinking, I came up with;

Club osCommerce USA Tiered Shipping

This contribution allows the Store owner to set a cost for: 1st item + more items + handling fee for selected states…

A real world example

  • You want to charge $10 for the first item, and 50 cents for each extra item ordered.
  • You want to add a $24.95 shipping charge for Hawaii and Alaska
  • 12 items sold in the order

This contribution will give a quote of:

To Hawaii: $40.45 (this being: 1*$10 + 11*$0.50 + $24.95)
To Alaska: $40.45 (as above)
To all other US states: $15.50 (this being: 1*$10 + 11*$0.50)

As the contribution is only for US states, you would probably do well to set up a USA shipping zone, and only have the shipping method show inside the zone. Do this in your Admin section @ localization.

Useful to you?

If you find this useful please consider supporting ongoing development of this and many other contributions – “buy me a beer”. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Shipping to US States, tiered + handling

  1. Tom DiFilippo

    Hi ….
    This would be great for us, but we actually need to have multiple such rates (i.e. we have 5 or 10 types of items, for each type, there would be x $ for first item ship, y$ for each additional, but x and y varies by whether we ship vial, or fragrance or giftset, etc.;) Plus for international, we need different sets of rates for each country. I am just starting to work on this site … playing with options and stuff. Customer has Ebay now which has very flexible fixed rate shipping. I may see whether your’s could be modified. Anyway, thanks for your contribution.

  2. Gary Post author

    Tom – that system of shipping is going to be very difficult to get working…my advice would be for oyu to get your customer to simplify the shipping as much as he possibly can…

    Good luck with it!

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