Version 4 of Coupon Discount System

By | October 23, 2008

STOP PRESS: This contribution is now updated to Version 5 and has all sorts of cool extras. Please see the latest post about this.

I’ve been slowly but steadily working on this contribution when I can find time in my schedule to do so 😉 Seems as though there are a lot of requests but hardly anyone is willing to help further this modification by donating to the project…

V4 – Admin Side:

Able to add a “use once” or “use multiple” voucher.

Able to add a “fixed amount” or “percent discount”.

Each Coupon shows the date/time of the last use (linked to the order) and the total number of uses.

This link enables you to quickly see every use of each voucher.

This list shows each use of the voucher. Each use is linked directly to the actual order made.

You can disable coupons easily by clicking these buttons.

Version 4 – Shop Side:

The Coupon Input box is now in the shopping cart page. This means that other contributions such as “FEC” should work OK.

Inserting a valid coupon code changes the value of the cart contents appropriately.

The “remove coupon” link does just that – it removes the coupon from the order.

The checkout_confirmation.php page shows the details of the order as usual, including the coupon.

And the same information is shown in the admin page for the order.

V4 – under the hood

Version 4 has had quite a lot of code changes – mainly to deal with the fact that coupon discounts can now be placed outside the checkout procedure.

V5 – in the pipeline

Minimum Spend per coupon.

A “use once, one time” coupon. Once that is done, I can then look at the flip side of discount coupons, which is “gift vouchers.

12 thoughts on “Version 4 of Coupon Discount System

  1. Phil

    This is great! Is V4 and future versions only available if we pay you to install this? If this is available for download our versions is 2.2-MS2.

    Also, are you interested in other custom OSC work for pay, we have ideas for our shop and want to explore the possibilities?

  2. Phil

    Also, does this mod take into account that shipping price should normally NOT be effected by a coupon code? Thx. =)

  3. Gary Post author

    Phil – at this moment “yes”, as the contribution needs a little tax tweak based on what tax settings your store uses. So it’s available installed. The contribution does not discount postage, it only discounts the total price of the products purchased.

    I do take on other freelance type stuff, so chuck me an email on

    Cheers, Gary

  4. christoforos

    Just to be sure, all of these i see you can install to a site if you get paid? I mean the “minimum ammount spend for coupon”, used once only (not once per costumer) and all the other options i see? If yes can you mail me a price?

    * If we get a deal, i’ll pay first, and then you’ll do the job..

  5. Gary Post author

    Chris – I think you need the planned changes for v5 – these are in the pipeline, but if oyu want to sponsor those changes and get it done much quicker, email me.

  6. Gary Post author

    Update on this;

    1. Minimum Spend per Coupon is now completed.

    2. Slight change to how the shopping cart shows the discount sub totals – made it easier to see at a glance what’s what.

  7. christoforos

    sorry for the late reply! I had to go to army for a few days to arrange my deferment, so i wasn’t able to answer. Anyway, can you tell me price to make it done to my site? You know how my site is, coz you had worked on it for the shipping date.

    *Also if you have time, when you tell me the price, tell me the changes you will make:)
    thank you, and keep it up!

  8. Ian Milne


    Thanks for the quick install. This is a great contribution.

    It is really well thought out and is easy to use.

    Regards / Ian

  9. Dennis van de Graaf

    Hi Gary,

    Also many thanks from me for the quick and professional install. The discount system works super and allowed our store to sell Gift Certificates!

    Best regards,

    Dennis van de Graaf

    La Couronne du Comte – Specialist in luxury writing equipments, leatherware and accessories

  10. Naveen

    Hello i want to download this module discount on shopping cart page please provide me a download link

  11. Gary Post author

    Commercial product, available for sale.

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