Voucher Module for Burts Coupon System

By | January 2, 2010

Well, I have had more than a handful of requests for this, so it’s time to think about getting it coded. It was always my intention to do this, but other work of course gets in the way.

In order to raise the necessary funds for coding to be started, I’m going to raise the price of the coupons system to $99. The price includes installation and support, and ongoing free updates.

However, for the next 20 coupon system buyers the price will remain at $50, then the next 10 will pay $75. After this $99 will be charged.

I have no release date set for the vouchers module of the coupons system, but everyone who has already purchased my coupons system will get the update free of charge, just as soon as it is coded and beta tested.

So…if you were umming and ahhing about my coupon system, either because of price or because it doesn’t have vouchers, now is the time for you to stop prevaricating and get an install done.

As another client has it installed, I will update this thread with the number of spots remaining at the lower prices.

To go forward with an instal discussion, please email me on oscshops@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Voucher Module for Burts Coupon System

  1. Jackal

    Do you have a full writeup of the Burts’s coupon and vouchers features anywhere?

  2. Gary Post author

    Hi Jackal – this post pretty much covers it (also since added a free postage type of coupon).

    All; 19 spots left at $50.

  3. Gary Post author

    From Adrian;

    Thanks a lot for the super fast service (answer within a few minutes, very friendly and helpfully and finally installed a few hours later)!!

    I can really recommend you for all shop owners or developers who want this useful and proper working module!


    and; 17 left at $50

  4. Thomas Tegan

    Because I used your earlier coupons code due to its ease of installation is why I was willing to read up on you some.

    Now, I have wasted an hour or so reading around your various publishings.

    You know what; I do not like you, your open source approach, and your attitude. And, even though it works fine for what it is (no frills), I will remove your coupons add on for something with a little more substance – written by someone, anyone, with a little more substance, and less obnoxiousness.


    Tom Tegan

  5. Gary Post author

    At least you have an opinion and that’s a good thing. :thumbsup:

    Though, of course, personal insults aren’t really so great.

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