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By | July 1, 2011

Had email from a previous client yesterday who wanted the ability to list the items ordered for the previous day, but grouped by items. The reason for this is to get the warehouse staff to easier collect the items to be posted.

So, instead of a list like this:

1 x dvd-tsab
2 x msimexp
1 x dvd-tsab
1 x dvd-tsab
3 x msimpro
1 x msimpro

It would list like this;

4 x msimpro
3 x dvd-tsab
2 x msimexp

I quoted on the project, but the client found some base code to work with. I requoted on the project and am awaiting reply.

In the meantime, I continued to make the new module, which now looks like this;

Here you can plainly see that I list the orders, and at the side a combined list as required for picking and packing. Then I thought to add two extras;

1. a date picker, so that the shop owner can also look at other dates to be picked and packed.
2. a status chooser to drill down the items (they might already have been picked and packed for example).

In my testing, it seems to work quite well. I don’t know how useful it could be to the majority of shop owners.


4 thoughts on “Warehouse Pick n Pack

  1. will langford

    At some point though store owners need to look at an order management system. When orders get to a certain volume it’s impossible to handle them in the OSC backend.

  2. Steph

    Looks good, and would probably be quite usefull, with not too many orders, and not too many custom products.
    What i have been considering, is a combination of the obovec, and a packing list, that is accessible through a smartphone browser. The list should have checkfields to mark off the products that have been picked from the warehouse.
    Would make packing much easier, faster and easier to manage

  3. Gary Post author

    Thanks for the idea Steph. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNIYEq1_daE

    So, I have that admin page open in my smartphone, and as I pick the items I click the checkbox to signify that I have already collected these…fairly simple implementation using a few lines of javascript. Tested in IE8, Chrome, Safari and Firefox – seems to work well. Not tested on a real shop (yet!).

    And if no Smartphone, then just print off the page, and cross off the items picked manually :p

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