What is a sponsor?

By | October 10, 2008

You may have noticed that I ask for Sponsors and Advertisers. I’ve had a few queries as to what this entails, so here’s the lowdown;


A sponsor is someone who sees me talking about code on this blog and thinks “I could use that!”. I generally come up with ideas for code and sometimes I make code in a sloppy way as proof of concept – I don’t release sloppy code like I used to, hence I ask for people to pay me for my time in making a given set of code contributable. That’s all a sponsor is – someone who is kind enough to pay me to finish up code. Sponsored code gets written much faster than code which is not sponsored.


I also would like to get some advertisers for this blog – payable on a monthly basis for a text link on every page of the blog. Obviously links benefit you as this blog has a largish number of readers so if you offer a service that is in anyway linked to osCommerce or eCommerce in general you could end up making some sales to visitors from this blog.

Sponsors allow me to write code faster!
Advertisers allow me to keep this blog alive!

If you can help to sponsor code, or wish to advertise your services on this blog, please feel free to email me – oscshops@gmail.com – cheers, Gary

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