28 Days Of Code, Rocking osCommerce


I've started a "pop up" site for February 2015 over at 28 Days Of Code, where I am making available a bunch of modules and other things each day during the month. Price starts very low, and increases by £1

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Mailchimp for osCommerce


I wrote about this module a couple of years ago, since then more and more osCommerce users have stopped using the inbuilt Newsletter system and are instead using Mailchimp. And for good reason, the inbuilt system is simply not good

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A broken leg leads to a lack of posting …

No posts from me for 4 months due to recovering from a very badly broken leg, though why that stopped me typing I have no real idea. I hope you all had a good Xmas and best wishes for a

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Required Product that MUST be purchased

Imagine you own a shop where you need to enforce the purchase of a particular product if certain other products have been purchased. For example; you want to enforce gift wrapping at Xmas time you sell items that need to

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MP3 Player in osCommerce

Very simple project to add in a new upload feature on each product (in admin > categories.php) that allows the Shopowner to attach a sample MP3. In the shop, if the person browsing is looking at a product that has

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Stocktake by Attribute, Modernised

I've previously posted about this system on the blog, but never reposted about the updates. What I am going to explain to you all in detail is an alternative to BOTH "qt pro" and "master / slave products". Take the

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Summer Bonanza Special Offer

I've put together a nice special offer for the first two weeks in August… Beer me $7 I will send you my Google Maps Interface. This interface has an admin area for adding locations as well as the interactive Google map

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Google Maps on osCommerce Contact Us Page

Took a few hours out to build up a solid interface to allow shops to easily show a Google Map on their contact us page. Interface has both Shop side (contact_us page): And Admin side (new locations page), admin side

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Free Gift Chooser for osCommerce

My fellow developer and good friend Scott over at www.thatsoftwareguy.com has come up with an interesting system to allow discounts up to 100% on products when purchasing other products. For example, you can set up: Give 100% discount on "The

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Zack Template for 2.3.4 series (and 2.3.3 series)

Here's the latest "Big Bang" template for osCommerce; ZACK Demo http://template.me.uk/zack/ Price £16, around $25usd Buy It http://tinyurl.com/q8c58my Pre Sale Questions Reply to this post, or email me. Or get me on the osCommerce Forum. Support By Email, Twitter, osCommerce

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